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The Need to know Asian Beauty Secrets, Revealed!

The Need to know Asian Beauty Secrets, Revealed!

Hello Kitty. Gangham Style. K-Pop.

 Just few of the words that I link to the Asian culture. I mean, I know Asia is a lot more than that, they obviously don’t run around singing Gangham Style in their Hello Kitty get up ( and hey even if some do that’s fabulous, I’d rather get down to PSY instead of pretending to know how to twerk like Rihanna and failing miserably). But all in all, to us on this side of the world, Asians eat with cute chopsticks, have loos that wipe their bums for them, and drink tea with bubbles in them.

But what about makeup?

 You ever caught sight of the beautiful K-Pop star and admired her pale complexion, flawless skin and babydoll eyes? The way that they always look flawless and like they haven’t aged at all? It’s funny, because even though you can admire their aesthetic, it is a completely different look to what we aim for here in western society. They aim for the childlike and innocent appearance, whereas here we want to look like a 30 year old stripper. Big lips, bigger tits and ‘fuck me’ eyes.
So, here is the top 3 biggest comparisons between our makeup trends, and the makeup trends of our Asian beauties.


The definition of ‘on fleek’ in western and eastern societies is extremely different, trust me gal, this one is going to get your brows arched coz that’s exactly what we’re talking about. The good old arch. Here, that arch is a deal breaker. If you can get your brow curving perfectly, you are honestly set for the best day ever. Bitch you’re probably going to walk into work and be offered a promotion because on how hella’ fine your brows be. But if that promotion is based in Asia, you’re more than likely going to be back on a plane to Europe the next day. In Asia, the arch is a big NO NO. These girls rock it straight. Yes, you heard that right… totally and utterly straight. No bump, no curve, no arch. And you know what, they look unbelievable.


Another arch we need to confront is the eyeliner arch. Bitch we curve that up to the gods, but our Asian babes have a different approach. Referred to as puppy liner, these gals don’t arch their liner, but just use it to… well… line their eyes. It’s probably us that’s introduced the crazy wacky flicks, while everyone else is keeping it sweet and simple.

Eye bags. Them little bitches that no matter how much concealer you cake on, especially on a Monday morning, they just never seem to go away. I wake up looking like I’ve just come out the womb, a bit sad looking, a bit tired… but cute??? I don’t think I’d ever look cute with my Gucci eye bags, but in Asia it’s an actual trend. Yes, eye bags are an actual thing. It’s referred to as ‘Aegyo Sal’, which translates to ‘cute skin’, and these gals see it as a way of gaining that innocent round eye look. It is common to use eyeshadow to create that under eye complexion. Wonder if I could donate my eye bags coz seriously babe all of Asia can have them.


Now, obviously this isn’t what every single Asian does, makeup is for all and there is zero restrictions on who can do what. But these three trends are so interesting, and I’m definitely going to be trying out a simpler and more innocent look in the future.




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