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It’s finally here gals. 

Throw away the hoody/ faux fur coat layer up, and pull out the fringe and sequins coz the sun is out and it’s time to get groovy. Summer plans are fast approaching and Coachella is here to kick start it all.




Yes, it might be the ‘go to’ festival where celebrities like Kendal Jenner and Gigi Hadid seemingly forget their A-List status and just roam freely around with us norms, but its’ purpose for all of us that can’t afford the lavish trip to the famous American desert is the ULTIMATE style inspo that it delivers. Where boho meets sequins and tomboy meets rainbows, it’s a fashion landmark of the year in the festival industry… and the perfect collection of style inspo for all us gals heading to Glasto and Wireless instead (who wouldn’t pick mud and wellies over palm trees and sun and after parties with Selena Gomez and staying in cute tipi tents being fuelled by Fiji water… not me…) 

But who are the true Queens of Coachella? The VIPs that set the standard for worldwide festival wear?

  1. HAILEY BEIBER (queue inner squeal at how cute her and Justin are)
 Mrs Beiber may now be married off to the boy of all our teenaged (and adult) dreams, but damn girl is she not afraid of showing a bit skin. She is the perfect blend of tomboy and girly, boogying in looks consisting of lace, frills and soft shades mashed together with harsher tones, denim fabrics and branded sports clothing. Finish these looks with vintage styled sunglasses and jewelry and you’re good to go Hailey style.

 How can you do any style research without looking at the Queen of style herself? Chung is always at the frontier of fashion, being one of those people that just breaths aesthetic, and could probably style up a bin bag and still look cool.

 Like our prior Mrs, Chung also loves to clash some fashion norms by mixing together boho and fringe with her signature grunge look.  Collabing long swaying maxis with stand out black accessories she is totally winning the Coachella look. Opt for a black lense on your shades as an ultimate Chung accessory.


Despite all these beauties, there is one queen that year on year blows them out of the desert. Vanessa hasn’t half graduated from High School Musical and grown into a fully fledged Coachella dream. Having a personal boho style, it seems second nature for her to adapt to the festival vibe, going all out with lace and flowers in her hair with a cowboy hat here and there. Every year with out fail she is up there with the top looks, and we CANNOT wait to see what she pulls out the bag this year.


 The key to the Vanessa/Coachella look is that too much is NEVER ENOUGH. Get them sequins on your face and flowers in your hair and rock that look girl. Team it up with a smile and bounds of confidence and you’re good to go… even if it is the hit the fields of pop up tents and crates of Koppaberg instead. Work it either way girl.

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