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#MONSLAY: How to Attempt a New Week

#MONSLAY: How to Attempt a New Week


The alarms going again. No matter how early you go to sleep, how deep you sleep, how comfortable you sleep, a gal always struggles getting up on a Monday morning. Especially a Monday in January!
The motivation is gone, the resolutions failed, and the new year blues have settled in nice and cosy. And as the annoying ringing of your alarm is piercing your ears, you can’t help but wish you were still on your diet of five selection boxes and turkey dinners a day, all whilst in bed of course!

You’re currently snug as a bug, as wrapped up as a sushi roll, and with the five minute snooze button hit, you’re left with a stressful period of serious decisions. The obvious questions start spinning through your lil tired head. Do you really need your job? I mean, is it really that important? Lying in bed full time seems much more appealing, but then again you do have a crazy shoe obsession and a gym membership you never used to pay for. How about turning up late? It might mean putting yourself at risk of a disciplinary but hell that is so worth an extra hour in bed.

You attempt to edge a toe out of the covers and you suddenly realise that if you actually stepped out of bed you would definitely catch pneumonia. This is a serious life or death situation that even Bear Grylls would struggle to survive. Maybe you could call in sick in advance for the flu you are sure to get if you leave your bed? Surely your boss couldn’t argue against something so serious? Do they want you to die?

And the noise pounds through your ears again as your five minutes is up and the crucial point has come. It’s now or never. Maybe you could just smash your phone? That would shut it up. Or, let’s be practical now girl, you could just snooze for twenty mins. It means missing breakfast but you could defo grab a Greggs bacon sandwich en route. Maybe 25 minutes, an extra 5 won’t hurt. Right?



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