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Industry Secrets: C&C Makeup Artists

Industry Secrets: C&C Makeup Artists

SSSSHHHH! It’s a secret!
  Interested in venturing into the makeup industry? Wondered what it’s like to be a makeup artist? Well girl, not only are we giving you the products, but we got that goss too, starting a quest to speak to all up and coming professionals in the industry, to provide you with all you need to know.
This week, we took a lil trip to C&C Makeup Artists for a cup of tea and a bit of a chat to get all the juicy secrets of the industry. Containing not one, but two Chloes’, C&C is made up of BFFs’ that bonded over their love of makeup, and with their friendship they sprinted (literally, these gals were not waiting around) into the business world of blending and contouring.  Being only 18 and 21, they have achieved what people work years for, adopting bold looks and bright colours for their signature festival party looks.

 But, despite their crazy success ( seriously, this power duo is taking over ) these girls weren’t born with brushes at the ready. Talking to them, I discovered that they both originally had slightly different careers in mind.
‘Omg I actually wanted to be a zookeeper. I hated school so much and proper loved animals but I just kind of fell into makeup coz I liked doing it on myself.’
 And while Chloe Elizabeth opted for the safari life, Chloe Blackburn wanted to bake cakes not faces. But, of course, the eyeshadow was always calling, and experimentation lead to a talent being discovered. The girls explained how they loved to test their skills on friends, Chloe Elizabeth also gaining a job at Urban Decay, with Chloe Blackburn coming along to masterclasses for some moral.
‘Urban Decay is a huge influence to us, we’re all about their style. I would go to the masterclasses when Chloe worked at Urban Decay which is how we started to talk to each other more and got close. I literally never left coz I loved learning more things, and would sit with her on her shifts. She ended up actually getting told off coz they were like why is she always here!’
 But after some time, the day jobs and painting faces of friends just wasn’t enough, and in a flash moment, notices were handed in, and C&C Makeup Artists was born.
‘We set it up in two weeks. It was literally such a quick decision but we’re so happy we did it now.’

Blowing their last months wages on a start up kit and renovating an outhouse into a plush studio, glitter tits and smoky lids soon started to appear, making their rash decision the best one they ever made as the customers started rolling through the door.
‘I could never work for someone else now, I love having this place and being my own boss.’

 Yet surprisingly, it hasn’t always been a breeze for the girls. This beautiful, talented and kind-hearted duo faces bullies every single day, with threats of violence, negative comments and personal attacks being something they have sadly grew to become used to.
‘I don’t open my DM’s because of it, but we still receive at least 15 emails a day with negative things said.’
‘Chloe is so nice to everyone no matter what they say, I’m always arguing with people that comment on her pictures sticking up for her, but I’ve decided to stop coz it’s just not worth it to be honest.’
 They have each other for support, but they expressed how a lot of makeup artists have to go it alone. The resolution to all this? Should people not do makeup? Should people have 0 confidence? Be sent to tears? Give up what they love?
 How about pathetic low-life losers stop commenting hate on what people work so hard for. Why don’t they get their own life instead of trying to ruin another? Us girls have got to stick together, and knowing so much hatred is circulating this industry, well hun if I’m honest, I think it’s time it stopped.
‘Just last week we considered giving it all up, but we reminded ourselves of how well we’ve done so far.’
Despite only being up and running a year, these two girls have an amazing company with huge success, flying to Ibiza for clients, working with mega cool companies like Pink Boutique (and us, of course you couldn’t get cooler than that), they have achieved in twelve months what most dream of in a full career. They are so passionate about their job, and gals like this deserve nothing but positive vibes and a glass of prosecco.

‘If it’s what you love, then don’t give it up.’
Be sure to send them some love and check out their amazing talents.
Instagram: @ccmakeupartists
Facebook:  @ccmakeupartists
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