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How To Make It In Life

How To Make It In Life

Okay. It’s cool. Here I am embarking into adulthood, and do I have a clue at all what to do with my life? Fuck no. Who do you think I am some kind of genius? Deciding what to do with life is bloody hard work! I mean, when I was six I had a strong career path of wanting to be a fairy princess, but somehow that ship sailed, and here I am, with no longer the need for a legal guardian, bills getting chucked at me left, right and centre, and no fucking clue on what to do. And to be honest, I say ‘embarking into adulthood’ as if I’m not already 10 mid-life crisis’s down and knees deep into my 20’s.

 Life’s shit.
In my little journey of wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what to do, I’ve had a few options thrown my way. I mean, throughout higher education I considered dropping out and becoming a stripper about 2750 times. Gyrating on a pole seems way more appealing than trying to sit in the library 24\7 writing essays that mean shit, but you know, your gal opted for a more stable career than the red light district. (I mean shout out to all you stiletto gals, I’m a lazy shit that couldn’t even hold up a stripping career coz sitting in bed and chocolate is life).

But heck, just coz I don’t have the greatest career, not a fairy princess, or a world famous pole dancer, doesn’t mean I haven’t made it in life. Hell, I might hate Monday mornings, my boss might be a total knobhead, and I might spend majority of my daily 9-5 binging on Netflix instead of what I’m paid to do, but I have a roof over my head, amazing friends, and slight addiction to Sambuca which is a mixture for happiness (and maybe the odd disaster on a Saturday night).

Coz gal, life isn’t all about who has the highest grades or the best job. ‘Making it’ in life isn’t knowing exactly what you want to do and knowing exactly how to do it. Few people march straight into their career, most take a stumble and end up falling into something that they actually love. So keep on walking my love, coz when you trip and fall, you’re going to land amongst the stars.
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