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How to Friend Zone a Boy

How to Friend Zone a Boy

So, it’s time for yet another rant from yours truly, and this time we’re talking about boys ( for probably the zillionth time). They might be handy sometimes, like when you’re in dire need of a hug, or some attention, but most of the time they’re just a massive pain in the bootay. Especially when they just don’t take no for an answer!
 Do you have a boy that just won’t get out your hair? 
 Who, despite several shut downs, just won’t give up and go? 
 Now come on, no wonder you have this issue when you’re looking so god damn fine, but this boy really needs to give it a break… and here’s how to make him do just that.

Lesbian Lovers

 In this desperate time of need, grab ya girlfriend and give her some lurv. The easiest way to say fuck off is if you prove to him that he doesn’t actually stand a chance at all unless he chops off his manhood and grows a hoo-hah. Get smooching with a gal you can always count on, and watch dat boy finally get the message.

Snatch A New Boy

 Sometimes it’s best to solve an issue with the problem at hand. Yes babes, I’m talking solving your boy issue with a boy. But I’m not talking about the same pestering one , but a complete fresh face. One man can’t make a move on another mans’ girl (well, they shouldn’t but you know, some people don’t think the rules apply to them).
 Nothing throws a spanner in the works like you having another love interest. Most decent boys won’t want to step another boys toes, so go bag that cutie you’ve been eyeing up and wave the pester goodbye.

Spell It Out For Him

That’s how you spell friends.
 Mixed communications is so common, so make sure the boy actually knows exactly how you feel. They’re unfortunately a very under-developed and slow species, and need us females to lay the facts out in front of them. He should listen and eventually leave you alone. As they say, if you love them let them go.
 It’s a hard life being so fabulous and having boys left, right and centre, but these few little tricks should help you keep them all in check.

 Keep being sassy!

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