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Dollar signs? Check. Glitter? Check. Unicorns? Check.
Your go-to makeup list might not exactly be the above, but the
makeup industry online is providing us with hot treats everyday
of new shocking and bold looks that only the most talented dareto try.
Check out our top 4 looks that might just leave you wanting to
go to work tomorrow with butterflies in your hair… or dye your eyebrows green.

Butterfly, Slay Away

Another look that sent us shooketh to the core was this mystical and hella whimsical look from self taught Dajana. Featuring a blend of colours ( and a bomb ass wig) this girl is giving us major fairy vibes and an ultimate girl crush. Finished with a glossy lip this look is both innocent and striking, being something you could take straight to the club (minus the butterflies…or not).
 And of course you CANNOT ignore the lashes. Intensify the drama with our ‘Bubble Pop’ lashes as seen on Dajana in this look.


Clearly you must know us well enough by now that we couldn’t possibly have some top makeup pics without selecting a new and unique unicorn look. I mean come on, unicorn is in our blood and even though unicorn makeup has been around for awhile now, you gals never fail to amaze us each and everytime with your new take on it. And Trinity totally blew us out the water. Using one of our makeup brushes, she was able to sculpt herself into the most flawlessly beautiful unicorn, a bit different from the gemtastic ones that have been trending the web. Featuring some bright green brows (which honestly girl are such a vibe that I am living for), this is a look for the brave and the bold.

Glow Baby, Glow

Despite being a super glam vibrant look, this next makeup artist is giving us major extra-terrestrial glam. In an array of bright pigments, this look has almost a 60’s sci-fi movie look to it. Featuring our very own voltage pigment in shade ‘Electro’ in the tear ducts, this gives a flash of vibrancy among the other colder colours.
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