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5 things to do in Self Isolation


So, here we are. A few days into isolation and day’um it feels like months already, right?
We’re living in what feels like a scene from 28 Days Later, only we’ve eaten almost all of our survival snacks and even Netflix is getting sick of seeing us.
We’re shifting around supermarkets, peeping out of windows and keeping our distance from lifeforms; and to be honest, I’m not sure if the sunny weather has made self-isolation feel better or worse? *gazes longingly out of the window*
But, as it turns out, self-isolation needn’t be boring as hell. There are a million ways to fill your time at home and here’s some of our faves… 

Virtually living for the weekend

Missing those weekend feels, like getting ready to spend the night out with friends and enjoy a few glasses of fizz? Well, there are a number of group video calling apps out there, so staying connected is super easy and you can still get the gals together.
Choose a night of the week to dial in, drink up and eat dinner “together”. Heck get dressed up for the occasion if you really fancy it or turn up in your undies, because in isolation, anything goes.


Wardrobe cleanse


Sounds like a chore but it’s one that’s SO worth doing, even if it is a little heart-breaking…
Go through the contents of your wardrobe and say goodbye to bits you haven’t worn in a year, stuff that just doesn’t fit and those questionable purchases you tried to convince yourself you’d wear, but still haven’t had the balls to so.
A good detox will not only work wonders for your storage space, but it’ll also work magic on your mind, leaving you feeling focused and organised. PLUS, when the apocalypse is over, you can go shopping with the squad, spoil yourself and fill it back up with gorgeous new purchases! 
Not sure where to start? This post by Pink Boutique has some great tips!

Practice, practice, practice


We’ve all got something we’ve been dying to perfect but just haven’t found the time… until now.
Use your days watching tutorials for the things you’d love to know and practice on improving your skills. From makeup masterclasses and hairstyling, to photography and drawing, you’ve got to start somewhere, and you might as well start now.

Game night

Game face at the ready…
If you’re lucky enough to be at home with family or roomies, or even imaginary friends (honestly, all are welcome at this point); call a game night - it’s guaranteed fun whether you play sober or decide dip into your isolation wine stash (we’ve all got one).
Host your very own pub quiz, grab an old board game or, my personal favourite, connect with the gang using House Party and play a whole load of interactive games at your fingertips and totally ideal if you’re cooped up indoors by yourself.

Feel good factor

Sometimes, nothing beats blasting out your favourite jam and dancing around the room like nobody’s watching *immediately draws the curtains*.
Whether you sing your heart out, dance or throw in a bit of exercise (I admire you already), get your Spotify playlist turned up and shake what yo’ Mumma gave ya.
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