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Find Your UC Treasure

Find Your UC Treasure

Shop your UC Treasure!
1. Duo Ended Comb Bear Brows Bestie
2. Hunny Bear Lip Oil  Now in 7ml bottle with gold Sparkles
3. Unicorn Soul Half Lash  A super fluffy Winged half lash to suit all Eye shapes
4. No Fluffs Given DIY Clusters Our Fully Glam Clusters in lengths of 10mm-16mm
5. Sleepy Bear Lip Oil Perfect night time routine lip oil Now in 7ml bottle 
6. Teddy Set go Bond & Seal Glue Up to 7 days wear with our Clusters with this Bond & Seal
7. Shut The Fluff Up DIY Clusters Our Best Selling DIY Cluster Set
8. HD Lash Curler Straight lashes no more with this Curler
9. Russian Hybrid Strip Lash DD Curl with super comfortable lash bands with up to 30 wears
10.Bear Brow super Lifting Balm *No.1 Selling Brow Balm On TikTok*
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